We are committed to providing a strong technical base while great emphasis is placed on building character for each individual. We believe in the four essential elements of character: grit, grace, gratitude, and generosity. We assure use of age appropriate music, costumes, and dance movement for our dancers. Our goal is to ensure a wholesome family environment and experience for all. This could be the start of a new season in your life. A season where you broaden your dance horizons to sharpen your technique and improve your character. We hope that your journey brings you to Elements Dance Academy!


EDA takes pride in its non-competitive nature because its value is based on a whole child integrative and educational approach. EDA will grant opportunities to connect with art, nature, music, dance, and most importantly people. Although EDA will teach technique, it will place equal importance on teaching fundamental character traits. EDA’s purpose is to intentionally build up strong leaders through our mentoring program that exemplify grit, grace, gratitude and generosity through the dance experience.


Elements Dance Academy exists to empower dancers in recognizing their own individual worth and value as we focus on the 5 elements of dance: body, time, energy, space, and relationships. We envision EDA to create leaders that become role models in society and support the community around us. EDA will grant opportunities to connect with art, nature, music, dance, and most importantly people. EDA values relationships which is why we embody empathy and kindness, with great hope that it will flow outwardly into the world through our dancers.


  • Grit: We believe through working hard, especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement, we work through them together as a community.
  • Grace: We believe in being kind to each other with nothing expected in return.
  • Gratitude: We believe in recognizing, respecting, and being grateful for the opportunities presented to us which makes us grow as dancers and as people.
  • Generosity: We believe in an outwardly approach of continuously seeking new ways in giving back to the community and to one another.