We envision Elements Dance Academy to be a non-competitive dance studio which will provide support for the community, create leaders to lead themselves and be role models in society, and provide opportunities for connecting with art, nature, music, dance, and with people.
Elements Dance Academy (EDA) opened in June 2020 in Platte City, MO. We believe in creating a passionate and meaningful dance experience for all individuals, regardless of perceived limitations such as age, gender, or physical abilities. Whether dancing is your forte or not, this studio is designed for the betterment of everyone. Welcome to a community where you belong!

The EDA Advantage

  • Committed to providing a strong technical base
  • Quality educational based dance
  • Four core values at the forefront: Gratitude, Grace, Grit, Generosity
  • We focus on building relationships with all dancers
  • Leadership programs offered
  • Wholesome family environment and experience for all
  • Non-competitive dance atmosphere
  • Lower costume fees
  • Age appropriate music, costumes, and choreography
  • A professional, friendly, and enthusiastic environment
  • We value our dancers, families, and our community